Friday, August 30, 2013

Looking for something?

The Pimple Whisperer blog posts have all been moved over to the Brooklyn Herborium website--where you will find more information about the type of Holistic Skin Care we have been providing since 2004 with the Between You and the Moon Product line as well as the Baby Moon product line and the other Brooklyn Herborium Offerings.

There, you can also find also new articles from Emma (The Pimple Whisperer), Molly (her partner at Brooklyn Herborium) and the staff at Brooklyn Herborium 275 Columbia Street (Opened June 2012) and Brooklyn Herborium Windsor Terrace - 1301 Prospect Ave (Opened October 2016) and sign up for updates and newsletters.

Brooklyn Herborium Practitioners, Apprentices and Workshop Participants can sign into to download worksheets and get videos, charts, audio files and notes for your particular needs.

If you are a holistic health care practitioner, massage therapist, health coach or Licensed Aesthetician who would like to learn about what we do and participate in our trainings (either in-house or on-line) you can read more about what we offer at the links provided above.

If you are looking to book an appointment with Emma, you may do so through Brooklyn Herborium.

Thank you for taking the time to read this extremely outdated website--now go to one of our other sites where there is so much more to find!